Australia is under Cyber Attack! Protect Yourselves and Your Business NOW!

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirmed a significant increase in cyber activity this morning after briefing state premiers overnight.

“This activity is targeting Australian organisations across a range of sectors, including all levels of Government, industry, political organisations, education, health, essential service providers and operators of other critical infrastructure.

It suggested prompt patching of internet-facing software, operating systems and devices.

Organisations should ensure that security patches or mitigations are applied to internet-facing infrastructure within 48 hours. Additionally organisations, where possible, should use the latest versions of software and operating systems.

Forward Slash highly recommends all computers run regular anti-virus scans to help keep your computer, information and data safe.

Kaspersky Total Security 2019 – 3 PC, 1 Year

Kaspersky Total Security can be installed on 3 devices and will help to protect data and your computer against digital threats. It blocks inappropriate content, adds extra security when completing your online banking and has a secure manager that securely stores your passwords. It encrypts data and also makes backup copies of your files and media to minimise the chances of losing your content.

– It comes as an electronic software download so you can install it at your own convenience.
– The software is compatible for use with your Mac, Windows or Android operating system.
– It’s valid for 1 years before you need to renew.
– This software can be installed on 3 devices.
– The parental controls and anti-spam filtering will block unwanted content.
– Virus detection, blocking and removal will help to keep your computer protected against intrusions and threats.
– The password management system will securely store your passwords.
– It comes with free 24×7 tech support.


Trend Micro Maximum Security 3 Devices 1 Year

This Trend Micro Maximum Security subscription allows you to protect your devices against online threats for the next 1 year. It will help you to detect, block and remove viruses, limit your family’s access to inappropriate content, keep track of your passwords, avoid spam and more.

– It comes as an electronic software download for convenient and easy installation.
– You can use the subscription with your Windows PC, your Mac with OS X or higher, or your mobile devices running iOS 9 or Android 4 and higher.
– This subscription gives you access to Trend Micro Maximum Security for 1 year.
– You can install this subscription on 3 of your devices.
– The software comes with parental controls, allowing you to limit your family’s access to inappropriate websites and content.
– It will allow you to detect viruses on your device and remove them.
The software also includes anti-spam filtering to help you avoid spam content.
– It comes with free 24×7 tech support.

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