Tired of poor Wi-Fi performance? Switch to a Wi-Fi Mesh Network solution.


These past few months I have noticed less reliable Wi-Fi performance on my home network. I decided to spend some time researching and combating the problem.

ParksAssociates highlight the frustrations typically experiences with home Wi-Fi. I was defiantly suffering instances of the top 3 being; service interruptions, slow speeds and coverage problems.

Like many home users, I have had the same modem/router for 3-4 years and quickly began to realise my hardware and solution was out of date. Thinking back 4 years ago, I would only have several Wi-Fi devices connected on my network such as; phones, laptop, game console and a TV. When looking now, I have over 30 devices connection with additions such as; tablets, Chromecast, music speakers, whitegoods etc. This trend is very common


Introducing Mesh Wi-Fi

A Mesh Wi-Fi consists of two or more devices plugged in at different places in your home. Each of these is called a ‘node’ and they all work together to extend your Wi-Fi signal to your whole home. One node usually being the primary connects to your home router or NBN via Ethernet cable, and the rest of the nodes are placed around your home to where you need Wi-Fi.

The Mesh Wi-Fi devices work together to create one big, seamless Wi-Fi network throughout your property.

The end result? Stronger WiFi signals with fewer dead zones. You don’t have to manually switch to another network, the nodes automatically keep you connected to whichever node has the strongest signal, giving you seamless coverage everywhere.

Traditional modem/router setup vs Mesh setup

How can I switch to a Mesh solution?

Mesh Wi-Fi networks are very easy to set up, and are good for; Extending your Wi-Fi to your whole home, Moving around at home and always staying connected to your Wi-Fi, Removing all signal dead zones, Catering for 100s of connected devices, easy to upgrade as you just add another ‘node’.

Another advantage is that these new products usually are setup and managed via a mobile phone app, so you can control your home network from anywhere, not just at home.

Recommended Mesh Products and Solutions

TP-Link Deco – The TP-Link Deco is the solution i went with. I purchased the older wifi 5 solution which was $200 and came with 2 nodes. It took me less than 1hour to setup. My network transfer speeds are 4x faster, and i have a internet download speed increase of 20%. Highly recommended.

Faster WIFI 6 TP-Link Solutions

Netgear Whole Home Orbi Mesh Products

Google Nest 2 or 3 pack

D-Link Covr Solutions

If you need any help with MESH Solutions, feel free to Contact Us for assistance.