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If you would like a PC build, whatever the requirements. Please shoot us a SMS or email. We love building!

I had a project to build a unique looking system, and cost sub $1000 AUD. It has to run cool and not be noisy… without delving into the watercooled space. In my younger days i worked for a computer wholesaler where my KPi was to build 9 computers a day, so this project was a good blast from the past.

Inspiration came from others who have built rigs with this case. Thank you for sharing! pcpartpicker – Tower 100 Cases


Second Hard Parts

To save time/money we searched gumtree for a complete secondhand mITX package. We came across the following for $900 inc shipping. AMD Ryzen 3 2200gMSI B350i Gaming Plus mITX MoboG.Skill Ripjaws 4 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4 RAMMSI GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Video CardCorsair CX600m Modular PSUSilverstone SG13 mITX Case

New Parts

Darwin Computer Building

Thermaltake The Tower 100 mITX Case

The Good – Cable neatness is a breeze with plenty of holes in the right places to get things tidy. The bottom PSU area has plenty of space to hide mess. The case looks rad, there is so much potential for creativity.

The Bad – Its not small, its similar to a small ATX case that only fits a small motherboard. They need to improve on the top bezel, its held onto the case via 5 standard screws, there is no provisions for thumb screws. You must also remove this top bezel to access any of the side panels.

Darwin PC Build

RGB Fans Fantastic buy! They come with a everything you need from a remote, many cords, a hub with a variety of component options. It was a no brainer to rip out the stock fans and replace with these.

upHere Digital RGB LED Strip, 2×15.7inch(400mm) 2x LED Strip connected by a cable, comes with a remote and dozens of mounting brackets. They only connect one way, there is not much versatility with this package. The brackets hold and curve the LED strip exactly how you would need them too, however sticking the brackets to the case was impossible due to the stiffness of the strip. Lots of clear sticky tape was used as the supplied double sided 3m tape wouldn’t hold.


Currently running Parrot Linux with Phoenix Miner software. The system is working at about 34 mh/s mining Ethereum.

If you would like a PC build, whatever the requirements. Please shoot us a SMS or email. We love building!

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